The Problem Of Migrants in Tijuana

The Problem Of Migrants in Tijuana

Even though Tijuana has a lot of success, just look at business like Bartell Dental, this city has the problem of having too many migrants, and with the elections just around the corner, many candidates come to the city of Tijuana with proposals for the migrant program that exists and many say that they will present their plan of protection to migrants and will listen to the recommendations of the leaders of the Mexican-American community. American in the neighboring country

One of them is the presidential candidate for the Republic, Ricardo Anaya Cortés meets this afternoon with leaders of the United States migrant community at the Centro de las Artes de Tijuana. Which when arriving at this artistic center, was received by a recognized American astronaut retired from the United States.

During the meeting, this candidate for the presidency of the Republic will present his plan of protection to migrants and listen to the proposals of the leaders of the Mexican-American community in the neighboring country.

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During the day, Anaya reproved in her social networks the discriminatory expressions against the Mexican migrants expressed by the North American leader Donald Trump and assured that she would defend the rights of the compatriots when she arrives at the presidency.

Through his Twitter account, the candidate of the Por México al Frente coalition wrote a message in which he rejects the comments of the North American president who described Latin immigrants as animals.

President categorically rejected his common expression against migrants. As President of Mexico, you will defend your rights firmly. The classic treatment of migrants will be a priority of my government.

Anaya is in the border city to participate in the second debate organized by the National Electoral Institute next Sunday. However, whatever the winner, people need the president in power to take action on the issue for the good of his people.